Sean Robbins based in Eugene, OR

We haven’t found any namesakes in the city of Eugene, Oregon. Of course, Sean Robbins is a common name and we will keep doing research as best as we can.

About the city of Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is a city in the US state of Oregon with a population of 137,893 inhabitants. This makes it the 156th city in the United States. It’s also the second biggest city in Oregon (only Portland is bigger). Its area is 104.8 kmĀ², making it the 161st city.

Eugene is known as the center of American athletics. The Hayward Field athletics stadium hosts the Prefontaine Classic every year. The 2021 World Championships in Athletics have been assigned to Eugene. Due to the relocation of the Olympic Games from 2020 to 2021 due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, those championships have been moved to August 6 to 15, 2022. It will be the first time that this tournament will be organized in the United States.

The climate in Eugene, Oregon is pretty decent and it has a mild climate. We would definitely recommend you to visit this city.

Looking for other namesakes in Oregon? We will list more cities soon on this website. Our goal at is to list all the cities in the USA.

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