Sean Robbins based in Dallas, TX

According to this website, there are 11 namesakes living in various cities in Texas.

From these 11 people, only 1 is living in the city of Dallas, Texas. Of course we did some more research online to see if we don’t find any other information.

We did find 2 Linked In Profiles of different Sean Robbins living in the area.

Both Sean Robbins’ seem to work in companies based in Dallas, TX. The first one seems to work as a VP of Recruiting in Focus Staff, and the second one works as a web developer in Content Pilot.

About Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas (after Houston and San Antonio), with a population of 1.2 million in the city itself and 6.1 million in the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth metropolitan area. is the summary of the agglomeration in population size of the fourth of the United States.

Of the population, 8.6% is older than 65 and 32.9% consists of single-person households. Unemployment is 4% (2000 census figures). About 35.6% of Dallas’s population is Hispanic and Hispanic, 25.9% of African origin and 2.7% of Asian origin. The population of Dallas increased from 1,006,646 in 1990 to 1,188,580 in 2000.

The Dallas Morning News is the only major newspaper in the Dallas area. The newspaper has around half a million subscribers, making it one of the top twenty in the United States.

You can find other namesakes of Sean Robbins in big cities in the United States.

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