About Us

Why did we create this website?

I created this website sean-robbins.com because I was wondering how many people in the world are also called ”Sean Robbins”. This is something that fascinates me a lot.

It might be a strange concept, but I decided to create this website anyway. My hope is that other people called ”Sean Robbins” find this website at least somewhat interesting. The website has a minimal design, and we did this on purpose to keep everything as simple as possible.

We hope you are as curious as I am about our other namesakes and what everyone is doing and where they are living.

I was trying to find all my namesakes in the entire world. I am a professional real estate investor. Currently I call both Portland, Oregon and Newport Beach, California my home and I absolutely love it here. To learn more about myself, you can find my story here.

What can you find on this website

Basically, we’re trying to find all my namesakes around the world. Of course, since my name sounds very English, we will focus on these 2 countries below:

We hope you love this website as much as we do. Also, if you happen to know a ”Sean Robbins” that we forgot to write about, feel free to get in touch with us.