Sean Robbins in Edmonton, Canada

Find all the people named Sean Robbins in the city of Edmonton, Canada.

According to the internet, there is only one Sean Robbins currently working in Edmonton, Alberta. You can find his Linked In Profile in the below link.


He’s a GIS Technician at Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

About Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (or ”ABMI” in short) is an agency that monitors and reports on biodiversity status throughout the province of Alberta, Canada.

It is funded equally by the government of Alberta and the oil and gas industry.

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute is based in Edmonton, Alberta. According to Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures (AITF), a key partner in the ABMI, the ABMI, which acts as “an early warning system by monitoring the cumulative effects of biodiversity change in regions throughout Alberta” is “the largest project of its kind ever attempted in Canada.

These are some of the collaborating agencies:

  • Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Calgary
  • Royal Alberta Museum

Along with the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard, the ABMI are key components to implementing resource planning based on ecosystem management principles.

Alberta Environment and Parks consults the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Agency’s reports in monitoring and preservation of species, setting benchmarks for biodiversity for land use plans. If industry contributes to the endangerment of a species that falls below these benchmarks, the Government of Alberta can order remedial action.

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